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JICA foreign trainees at observing Hasuda shop of Takaoka Toko Co., Ltd.


Our parent company, Takaoka Toko Co., Ltd. has received a request of on-the-job training for JICA thematic issues “Distribution Network Development” course from Japan Electric Power Information Center, and Takaoka Toko accepted the request and had training at Hasuda shop on June 4th, 2015.


For this JICA thematic issues, there were 11 trainees who came from 9 different countries, such as Cape-Verde, Jamaica, Jordan, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and South Sudan. They have studied Japanese distribution system for a month.


On that day, the trainees received presentation of each Takaoka Toko group companies and technical explanation at midmorning, and from afternoon, they went on Hasuda shop tour and learned manufacturing process and quality control.

We introduced our company profile and overseas construction records at presentation time.


Each trainee who shall take the future power companies learned and listened technical explanation of the instructor earnestly and have been impressed by Japanese high technic level. It was a very beneficial time to have a chance of technological exchanges with different countries’ trainees for us