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A special website of Keidanren SDGs and a collection of       African developments have introduced our project.(2019)

Our ODA projects for Africa have been introduced in a special website of Keidanren SDGs and a collection of African developments “INNOVATION FOR SDGs” issued by Keidanren.


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1.Leading of clean energy to the water treatment facilities

 We, Takaoka Engineering Co., Ltd., use renewable energy generated by PV systems as a power source for seawater desalination facilities in Tunisia in North Africa and as a power source for irrigation facilities in farmland in Rwanda in East Africa. We are working to lead clean energy to the elimination of water shortages and the efficient use of water. Toward a decarbonizing society, we will contribute to the alleviation of global warming by newly working on the expanding renewable energy through wind power generation facilities and small hydro power generation facilities.

evelopment of improvement and expansion for power infrastructure in African countries

 We, Takaoka Engineering Co., Ltd., have been continuously constructing power infrastructure with the Japanese ODA in African countries, such as Tanzania and Rwanda since the 1980s, and we have expanded and improved power infrastructure so that we can provide sustainable energy services to all people in developing countries.
 In the future, we will continue to carry out activities by incorporating renewable energy and smart grids, etc., and  we will contribute to industrial development and the spread of education in developing countries through improvement and expansion of power infrastructures.