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Power for Everyone


We aim to create a better tomorrow by sharing our



TAKAOKA ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. an affiliate of Tokyo Electric Power Company and Takaoka Toko Co.,Ltd. has been globally active in the improvement of power infrastructure facilities since its establishment in 1975.

As an infrastructural engineering company familiar with Asia & Africa, we are now engaged in installing facilities such as desalination facilities, water supply and sewerage, solar power and hydropower generation, as well astransformers and switchgears.


We have engaged in over 150 infrastructure development projects in 50 countries, contributing to the improvement of infrastructure and economic development for the benefit of people around the world. 



As globalization advances, there are many issues requiring a global response as reconstruction assistance, support for economic development, and work to tackle energy and environmental problems.

For this reason, we aim to be a company that contributes to the well-being of people around the world by making full use of our technological know-how and corporate network.

Under the slogan of "Power for Everyone", all of the Takaoka Engineering team together as a company focused on integrating the strengths and contributions of individual employees.



Company Philosophy

Company policy

We aim to create a better tomorrow by supporting those reaching out for their dreams,and sharing our excitement and joy with whole world.

Basic philosophy

Our company brings people of the world together Reliable technology High reliability Frontier spirit Harmony in the variety of culture and then creaters new values.


Takaoka's Spirit~Five promises

1.Safety first

We will express Japan's culture of prizing safety by throughly acting it out.

2.Best quality

The best quality is realized through a commitment doing our Jobs to the utmost.


We achieve our goals by creating teams that take advantage of the personality of the members,and gathering professional talents.

4.Fair play

A fair play mindset is achieved by being faithful to others.


 We will enjoy what the world has to offer by getting to kown the culture,history,and way of life of our partners.


Seven principles for living overseas

1.Always keep your passport with you.

2.Always have the necessary contacts(company,hospital,embassy) with you.

3.Immediately inform and consult about irregular health conditions.

4.Always drive safety.

5.Always pay attention to your colleague's SOS sight.

6.Stay informed about local diseases and how to prevent them.

7.Take responsibility for your own safety.


Quality Policy

We, TAKAOKA ENGINEERING CO., LTD., contribute to offer constructions and services that live up to customers' trust and expectation through infrastructure maintenance mainly on the electricity in foreigh countries.


1.We fulfill the demands of quality management system and improve the effectiveness continuously. And for this,         we secure necessary finacial resources.

2.We try for technical improvement and the desplay and always offer constructions and services in response to             needs and the trust of the customers.

3.We grasp the satisfaction of the visitor reliability regulary and are improved continuously.

4.We obey what was decided(domestic and foreigh applied laws and oridinances, regulation requirements), a               thing(rule in the company) that we decided and offer security relief.

Outline of Company

Line of business Electrical works, Telecommunications works, Plant construction works, Electrical instrumentation works, Power receiving substation and distribution works, maintenance works, Civil works, Building works, Total managing and Engineering.
Head office 3-29, Kandajimbou-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0051, Japan  [MAP]
Establishment June 2, 1975
Capital ¥310.6million (paid up capital)

President                          Ichiro Suzuki

Director                            Tatsuo Yamada

Director                            Akihiko Hori

Director                            Hideki Takagi

Director                            Akihiro Miyoshi

Nonexecutive Director        Naoshi Nishikawa

Auditor                             Yoshihiro wasekura

Registration numbers Electric works, Steeplejack, Civil engineering works and Water facilities engineering works applied to Special 138883 of license No. issued from the Governor of Tokyo.
Shareholders Wholly-owned by Takaoka Toko Co., LTD.


Takaoka Toko Co., LTD. 

Electric Equipment Business

Meter Maintenance Business

Energy Solution Business

Information System & Applied Optics Information System Business

8F Hulic Toyosu Prime Square  5-6-36  Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0061, Japan +81-3-6371-5000(TEL)