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Micro-Hydroelectric Power Generation Project in Metropolitan             area of Tegucigalpa(2015)-Honduras

《Background of the project》

Honduras has the National Development Goal that aims to invest a renewable energy positively. In the capital of Tegucigalpa city, there is a water purification plant under SANAA (Servicio Autonomo Nacional De Acueductos Y Alcantarillados). In the place, the bill of electricity put pressure on the SANAA’s finance to purify the water. Micro-Hydroelectric Power Generation system in the two purification plants located in the city by the project utilizes unused energy come from water flow. Consequently, it can generate more electrical power than the electrical consumption that used to be. We contributed to advance the operation efficiently and the use of renewable energy in the water purification plant. Micro-Hydroelectric Power Generation installed in the two purification plants located in the city covers the electrical consumption in the plant that utilizes a renewable energy from water flow. Beside we procured high level of products, which mean a high technology, from Japanese company for the project.


《Project outline》

Project:Completion Ceremony of Micro-Hydroelectric Power Generation Project in Honduras
Client:Servicio Autonomo Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (SANAA)
Site:Metropolitan area of Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Outline of construction:
  1) Picacho hydropower station turbine output: 204kW
  2) Conception hydropower station turbine output: 268kW
  3) Installation works


  Unveiling the project commemorate plate   Praying by priest  
  Performance by local students   Water turbine generator